Family Counseling

  • Is your teenager struggling in school?
  • Is your child having a difficult time fitting in? 
  • Is your child disobedient at home and in trouble at school? 
  • Is your child overwhelmed and having difficulty coping with their schoolwork, home life, and social life?

Many times, it is easier for a teenager to talk with an adult that is not their parent.  We provide a safe environment for them to share their deepest concerns.

Our counselors will help your teenager discover their weaknesses and strengths.  We help guide them in making decisions based upon Biblical truths.

The Parental Role Is Very Important!

We do not solely work with the teen.  Collaboration with the parents is paramount.  We keep regular contact with the parents to discuss behaviors and concerns.

Oftentimes, we teach parenting skills such as discipline techniques.  

Currently, we are only seeing children ages 13 and up.

All sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $115 per session.

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