Individual Counseling

At Christian Counselors of Mooresville (CCM), your counselor will work with you based on the information you provide regarding your history.  As a team, the counselor and the client will create goals and treatments appropriate to healing past wounds and over-coming difficult issues.

Your counselor will help you learn coping skills and healthy communication techniques…

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Marriage Counseling

Your marriage counselor will first gather a lot of information on your marriage from both the husband and the wife through assessments.  Next, the counselor will get a history of your relationship from the first day you met by interviewing both of you.

After gathering all of this information, the counselor will compose a “Marriage Report”…

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Family Counseling

Many times, it is easier for a teenager to talk with an adult that is not their parent.  We provide a safe environment for them to share their deepest concerns.  Our counselors will help your teenager discover their weaknesses and strengths.  We help guide them in making decisions based upon Biblical truths…

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