5 Signs That Your Marriage Is In Trouble

Marriage counselor Vincent discusses 5 signs that your marriage is in trouble.

1. Stonewalling – Your spouse shuts down. They ignore and avoid you. They do not talk about what is upsetting them. They act like everything is okay, but keep on doing things to annoy you.  Here are some practical ways to get your husband to open up:  “How To Get Your Husband To Talk About His Feelings.”

Hiding passwords, calendar, financial information, etc.
Hiding passwords to accounts, limiting access to their phone,  etc.

2. Secrecy – Your spouse hides things from you like certain financial accounts or their income. You don’t have access to your spouse’s internet accounts like email, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc. You’re not allowed to use your spouse’s phone or check their voicemail.

3. Lack of Dates – Your spouse and you do not plan dates. You do not specify time to spend together alone – without kids or others involved.

4. Limited Friendships – One or both spouses have limited or no friendships with same sex friends. In a healthy marriage, the husband and wife have persons outside their family with whom they spend some quality time.

Talking more to your co-workers or friends than to your spouse about your marriage.
Talking more to your co-workers or friends than to your spouse about your marriage.

5. Confiding Outside the Marriage – You or your spouse talk more about your marriage to others than you do with each other.  In a healthy marriage, conflict is resolved in the marriage.  Conflict becomes an opportunity to grow closer together instead of apart.  Need some pointers on improving your conflict?  Read my article:  “SLOW DOWN!  Practical Ways To Handle Conflict.”

If any one of these signs applies to your marriage, you need to seek out marriage help.  The help may be in the form of marriage books, marriage classes/seminar at church, or a marriage counselor.  Many times, a couple needs all three.

Here’s some quick tips to improve the love in your marriage:  “Sure Ways To Build Your Spouse’s Love Bank.”

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